Google Gravity Tricks and Pranks which You will Love

Familiar to some & unknown to many , “Google gravity” is a program developed in 2009 by the  American multinational  “Google”. Basically , a search engine coded via JavaScript. You may or may not be able to access it directly since there have been some additional customizations made by Google later. Best possible way is to access “Google Gravity” via Google Chrome & eventually using

Accessing Google Gravity Hidden Tricks:

As mentioned above , open via Google Chrome. And do the following:

Google gravity


Once you click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” , you ought to see something like this.


Google Gravity, I am feeling lucky


The Google gravity effects are the effects you can see in the above screen shot.


Google Gravity Trick Homepage

You can also access “Google Gravity” via various links. Follow the below steps:


Google Gravity Homepage Mr. Doob

Open the link

And watch the same Google gravity effects all over again.

There are quite many interesting tricks/activities that is a part of the Google Gravity programs. Here are some –

Google Zero Gravity:

You can pick up the items and throw them here and there just for fun. As if you have entered a vacuum and whatever you pick up , sooner or later just drops down flat once you release the cursor .

 Google Zero Gravity Tricks google Zero Gravity Pranks

Anti Google Gravity:

In this particular effect , everything on your window (Google window in particular) seems reversed or we can call it “Mirror image” format. Even the letters you type seems like the exact mirror images of them. Let’s check it out.

You can directly go to this link  “

 Anti Google Gravity

Let’s type in “February 6” and it appears as :

Anti Google Gravity:

No Kidding!

Time for another effect!!!

Google Gravity Water:

Remember the time when you went fishing and you just couldn’t hold on to things properly and kept dropping down in water. Anything to everything. So , this is what happens in Google gravity water effect. You type something and it just drops off into water. Most likely this effect is discontinued but still you can give it a try using the link

Google Gravity Water


Google Gravity Poop:

In this particular effect you can see Google homepage getting all destroyed. Starting with Flies all around the page & a fly killing device :a mosquito swatter bat to be specific , can be seen hitting the spot wherever the flies sit on the page.

You get hammers to smash , guns fired, pies being thrown or suddenly a coffee cup spills over the page & many other fun effects, basically this activity is simply to destroy the homepage.

Check out to see what’s in store for you. This effect is just “out of control” destruction of the classic  Google page.


Google Gravity Poop

Google Gravity Poop trick

Google Gravity Poop pranks

google gravity

Another interesting effect is

Google Gravity space:

This effect is widely known . As in , it is a little more popular as compared to the other effects. When you see the screen cast of this effect ,everything on the Google homepage seems to be floating here and there.

Google Gravity Space

Google Gravity Sphere :

This effect comes as a spherical surprise. Everything appears in a sphere form. Even the words you type turn out to be in a spherical form. This makes Google act as a sphere or a ball. You can make it rotate using the cursor.

Google Zero Gravity Sphere

There are many more random effects available under Google Gravity. All these can be accessed directly using Google chrome & You just need to type in the name of the effect you wish to check out & Select the “I’m feeling lucky” tab instead of the “Search” tab. If you select the “Search” button ,you will be directed to some links & if you select anything starting  with or consisting of  “mrdoob” you can go ahead and check out that link to see the “Google Gravity” variations.

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